Ten Stationery

Founded in 2009, TEN is an original Hong Kong brand specializing in contemporary stationery. They are dedicated and passionate about exploring extraordinary and practical ideas, and realist them in our designs. Minimal Aluminum pieces that make for a great everyday use.


Hang-On Clip Pen

Ten Stationery designed a hook on the top to help you to hang the pen to your backpack, shoulder bag or belt loop easily.

By pushing the side button, the special mechanism makes you push out the refill and unlock the hook at the same time. With a slight push of the button, you can retract the refill and lock the hook again.

Let's "unlock & write"! 

MSRP $29.99

Colors, Black, Silver or Rose Gold

SHELL Roller ball Pen

Magnetic-Cap Roller Pen

The barrel marginally fits to insert the refill as if it is the “Shell” of the refill. With the magnetic cap, the pen can be capped automatically on both sides which providing the most convenient experience to users.

MSRP $29.99

Aluminum Barrel in either Silver, Black or Rose Gold

Origin Fountain Pen

To trace the origin of fountain pen, we used dip pen as our design direction. Without posting of the cap, the writing feeling is our first priority. By trying and testing different pen size and dimension, we tuned out the most appropriate writing experience. This is the combination minimal beauty and origin functionality.  

MSRP $79.99

Aluminum Body in either Silver, Black or Rose Gold. 

Origin Ball Point Pen

Removing pen clip, preventing the pen from rolling on the table and emphasizing the comfortable hand feeling: the result is the original meaning of writing tool. 

MSRP $74.95

Aluminum Body in either Silver, Black or Rose Gold.

Balance Ballpoint Pen

The upper part and lower part of the pen are symmetrical, providing the same comfortable writing on both digital devices and papers.

MSRP $29.95

Aluminum Body in either Silver, Black or Rose Gold

I AM business Card Case

When you untie the silicone band, the name cards come out from the case automatically. So, you can present the card intuitively. When you tie the silicone band, the cards return into the case automatically too. 
"I AM" has been awarded by Japan Good Design Award and HKDA Global Design Awards in 2016, Silver Award, Judge Award of Hong Kong Smart Design Award in 2017, Gold Award of German Design Award 2018.

MSRP $29.99

Aluminum Body in either Silver, Black or Rose Gold

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