Cuttlelola Electric Dots pen

The innovative Cuttlelola Pen makes drawing easier, faster and less strain than using a traditional pen. Artist and art lovers can create quality cartoons, illustrations and great works of art, now, in less time. Also, the curious beginner can quickly master skills in a short time using the electric dots pen, which turns the stippling process into easy fun.

How does it work:

The Cuttlelola Dotspen is a magnetic coil driven reciprocating radial movement nib made to simulate hand stipple action; while limiting hand fatigue.

For easy operation: press the start button, the nib will rapidly simulate the action of stippling. You control the direction and spaces of dots on paper to get the contrast of light and shade, by simply lifting the point off the drawing surface. Soon you can find yourself mastering stippling skills and drawing out amazing works without an art background. Cuttlelola Dotspen is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery . It can be charged using a simple USB connection through a computer or mobile phone for 30 minutes of unconnected use, or left on the charger the entire time.

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